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The "Red and Black" State by State & Co.

FlexFit on a Snap Back Trucker? Yes! This new hat is the most comfortable hat you can buy. By adding a little stretch this will soon become your favorite cap. The elastic sweatband and poly stretch mesh provide an enhanced fit and comfort while still delivering that classic Trucker look.

This is a must-have for the hat enthusiast. From State & Co.'s newest performance "Team Colors" line. Built on top of the #1 hat available in the US, the Richardson 112+. This will be your new favorite hat. 365 Gameday is the exclusive distributor of this line. 

The State Appliqué is a Silicon Transfer that is water and heat resistant. This wont fade, stretch, or shrink. 


FABRIC: Cotton Blend | Trucker Mesh

SIZE: One Size Fits All Snap Back

KEY FEATURES: Pro-stitched finish |